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Residence surrounded by greenery with a panoramic view of the town centre and only 2 km from the sea.


A homely, protected environment surrounded by a cool pine forest, with large, bright and hospitable spaces.


Cosy and hospitable facility with a terrace and large communal areas that encourage social interaction.
Serenity Residences

Residences for the elderly

Our Residences for the Elderly are facilities that accommodate self-sufficient and non-self-sufficient elderly people for short and long periods, but also for just a few hours a day. We are committed to ensuring the well-being of our residents and protecting their health by providing highly qualified healthcare, nursing and rehabilitation services in a professional, yet cosy and familiar environment.

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One person who cares for another represents the greatest value in life.

(Jim Rohn)

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In every Serenity retirement home, we put the psychological and physical well-being of our residents first. They deserve special treatment, excellent quality of life, medical care and personalised assistance. We strive to create a homely and welcoming environment in which they feel part of a community, also thanks to the entertainment services.  

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our fundamental principles

Serenity Residences

The centrality of the elderly, the promotion of their health as well as the importance of their social role are our references.
With this in mind, our fundamental principles are impartiality and equality, quality of life and territoriality, transparency and information.

Impartiality and equality

Services and benefits of equal quality according to the specific needs of each resident are guaranteed, with equality and without any discrimination based on gender, religion, physical or socio-economic conditions. Each operator acts according to the criteria of impartiality, justice and objectivity.

Quality of life and territoriality

The aim of Serenity residences, in addition to the care and assistance of the elderly person for whom it is impossible to stay at home, is to improve the quality of their life and to ensure that the resident maintains relations with friends and relatives on an ongoing basis.

Transparency and information

Periodic meetings are organised between the professional figures of the Residences and the families in which feedbacks and advice from the families on the quality of the service and possible improvements are listened to. Families have the opportunity to express their opinions through satisfaction questionnaires and complaints.


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